Welcome to the Demo-Glass Website!

This website is intended as a demonstration of the Smart-Builder web configurators, available for the full range of Smart-Builder structures, with examples here for Showers, Barriers, Shopfronts and Splashback. These configurators can be simply integrated into your website and styled to match, just like the example configurators on this website blend in seemlessly. The configurators can also be modified to suit your business needs.

With a Smart-Builder configurator, visitors to your website will then be able to easily design showers, barriers, shopfronts or splashbacks, and get beautiful 3D renderings of what their desired shower will look like. They can even recieve quotes that are sure to stand out against the competition. Once their designs are confirmed the structures automatically appear in the paired Smart-Builder software, allowing you to quickly follow up leads and use the full power of the Smart-Builder design software to fine-tune the structures designed by your customers.

Give the designers a try now!